Our School

St. Mary and St Michael is a Catholic voluntary-aided primary school, with two forms of entry, situated in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. The school is situated in a pleasant two-story building adjacent to St. Mary and St Michael Church and serves Catholic children living in the locality.

There are close links with St. Mary and St Michael Parish and the Parish Priest, Father Willie Skeehan, is a regular visitor to the school.

The school has 18 classrooms, a hall/dining hall, a smaller hall upstairs, a library and five small intervention rooms. Nursery and Reception have a self-contained outdoor area and Year 1 – Year 6 have a well-equipped playground, used for morning exercise, after school clubs, break time and outdoor PE.

The school makes good use of local amenities for sports and excellent transport links enable teachers to plan a wide range of trips linked to the curriculum.

We have a well-established merit system, which rewards hard work, effort and improvements. In our weekly newsletter and at whole school assemblies we celebrate pupils’ achievements (both in school and outside).

The system of monitors and houses (house captains) provides pupils with opportunities to take responsibility and show initiative. The school council provides a valuable “voice” for pupils.

Members of staff and outside agencies lead extra-curricular activities for pupils. Clubs that may take place during the academic year are football, basketball, athletics, multi-skills, dance, gymnastics, athletics, coding, robotics lego, sewing, cookery, singing, and art clubs.

Activities undertaken during club time make a valuable contribution to the children’s education.


Values and Ethos

Core Values: Compassion, Collaboration, Perseverance, Respect and Self Worth.