Senior Leadership Team

Role/Responsibilities Name
Deputy Headteacher/Head of Year 3 – Year 6
Deputy Headteacher/Head of EYFS and KS1
R Mahon
M Coxhead
S Steyn

Admin Team

Role/Responsibilities Name

Business Manager
Administration & Attendance Officer

Senior Administration Officer & Finance Officer

Administration Assistant
Premises Manager

J Hannan
M Islam
S Justin

M Paul
M Jeyes

Teaching and EY Educators/TA

Year / Class Teacher EY Educators/Teaching Assistants
Nursery – Caterpillar Class T McCready S Kennedy/ T Flannery/ J Troy/A Anderson (maternity)
Reception – Butterfly Class H Carstens S Mirza
Reception – Ladybird Class L Burke W Smith
Year 1P P Pullen S Camilleri/ M Webb (Wednesdays)
Year 1L N Lee-Hall I Plodzien
Year 2F B Fennessy K Killington/M Webb (Thursdays and Fridays)
Year 2D E Donaghy L Rooney
Year 3A H Akram D Stone
Year 3F K Ferenc G Green
Year 4A N Akhter I Tortosa Romero
Year 4B A Bridge S Fenton
Year 5G B Green E Shoyeju
Year 5W L Wilson B Pasquill
Year 6H I Hamilton M Ross
Year 6K C Kerrigan M Obiri
PE and PPA A Clough

Inclusion Team

Inclusion Manager and SENCo Staff
Mr F Crawford L Rigg, T Watson, M Cayley, M McMahon, C Brown, Z Iqbal, J Genius, R Abyan, T Rahman, J Sevel, T Begum, C Buchanen, T Ayegbus, E Ucar, S Shamin,

Subject Leaders

Subject Lead teacher
Phonics and Reading
RE & Catholic Life of the school
Art and D/T
S Steyn
L Wilson
I Hamilton
C Kerrigan and R Mahon
B Green
M Coxhead
H Carstens
K Ferenc
H Akram
E Donaghy
R Mahon
A Clough
E Hastings

Support staff

Kitchen Staff Midday Meal Supervisors
E Ishmael
M Freitas
R Hussain
S Jahan

J Kaur
J Aguis
C Buchanan
T Begum
Z Baber
J Clarke

F Ahmet

After School Care Manager Play Workers
T Flannery G Green
S Miah
S Hammond