Faith Friends


St. Mary and St. Michael’s Faith Friends are pupils from Year 4 to Year 6. They are here to support our friends in their faith and be positive role models throughout the school.


As part of their role, they help to organise collective worship within our school and church. This means that they often read at Mass, lead in prayer across the school, or lead assemblies. They also work with the wider community, including the Parish.


Our Faith Friends for 2022/23


School Feast Day – Faith Friends Promise 

On Thursday 29th September 2022, we all gathered together in church to celebrate the Feast Day of our school patron saints – St Mary and St Michael. During our Feast Day Mass, our Faith Friends: Laurianne, Pedro, Ruby D, Tiago, Guilherme, Clara, Albrecht, Margo, Joanna, Topaz, Alice, Jahz, Anjola and Harlie made the following promise.

As a Faith Friend of St Mary and St Michael I promise to set a good example to others and help to bring peace and faith to the school.

I promise to pray to God and follow his rules.

I promise to help those in need.

CAFOD – Non uniform Day October 2022                

Thank you to our Faith Friends, who organised a non-uniform day on Friday 14th October 2022 to raise money for CAFOD; the Catholic Agency for Overseas Development, a charity working with communities around the world. Many thanks to everyone who donated to support our global family. We raised £307.62. There is enough food in the world for everyone, yet 1 in 3 people have gone hungry in the last year. Supporting CAFOD is a way for us to put our faith into action. By raising money for Brighten Up, we are supporting our brothers and sisters around the world, inspiring each other to become active global citizens and living out our school mission.

Click here for the Faith Friends’ Harvest Fundraising Letter

Our lovely thank you card from Sister Christine from Neighbours in Poplar Food Bank


Advent Carol Service at Westminster Cathedral December 2022

On Wednesday, our Faith Friends represented our school at the annual Advent Carol Service in Westminster Cathedral. This service was attended by schools from all over the diocese and raised money for the Catholic Children’s Society. We all particularly enjoyed meeting Clover the donkey and Ivy the goat from Hackney City Farm.


The Faith Friends’ Advent Thank You Thursdays 

During Advent the Faith Friends have been busy organising and delivering thank you notes to staff from the pupils.

The Faith Friends’ Photography Competition Spring 2023

In order to celebrate God’s wonderful creation and our role in being stewards of the earth,  the Faith Friends organised a photography competition.  Children were invited to capture images of spring under the title ‘What does spring means to me?’ Please click below to see the winning photographs.

Photograph Competition 2023 winners




Autumn Faith Friends Newsletter