Reading Ambassadors

Being a Reading Ambassador is all about reading for pleasure and sharing the deep enjoyment of reading a great book with others.

Reading Ambassadors are chosen for their of reading and their enthusiasm to share this. Part of the job of a Reading Ambassador is to encourage others in class and in the school to read.


More roles the Reading Ambassador take:

Making sure others get to know about new books, and all things related to reading.

Show and tell the rest of the school all about anything new that they have read, that they like, and will be available to the rest of the school. This might include assemblies.

Reading with younger readers, mainly Reception and Key Stage 1, to help show what great reading role models they can look up to.

Create displays around the school, encouraging other children to find out about new authors, celebrated authors and different books.

Read books and help other children through their recommendations.

Working with the librarian on the Termly “Reading Rulers” newsletter from November 2022.


Our Reading Ambassadors for 2022/2023:

Mahreen Hera Ruby
Sahil Samuel Sofia
Jason Sayfa Cassius


Reading Newsletter

Newsletter 1 24th January 2023