School Council

A new school council is elected by their peers at the beginning of each academic year. Our school council is made up of 2 representatives from each year group from Y2 to Y6. This creates a central group that speaks on behalf of the whole school and makes decisions about school life. We value the opinions of our pupils and the School Council gives pupils a forum to share these opinions with the Headteacher and other members of staff.

Here at St Mary and St Michael’s our school council members are elected by their peers to represent the views and opinions of the pupils in our school.

Our School Councillors for 2023/24

Mia  Violet  Samaa  Ezekiel  Nsan-Mbai 
Taylor Zayan R  Raphael  Ruby  Leiyah


Miss Pullen and Miss Akhter – School Council Teacher Representative

‘We are very proud to lead our School Council. We have amazing children in our school who have lots of great ideas on how we can work together to make a better school. They do all the hard work and like to get involved as much as possible…making my job a bit easier! We have children from Year 6 to Year 3. We want to make sure that all children’s voices are heard in our school. Each class has a school council box which gives all pupils in our school the opportunity to voice their opinions and share their ideas. We meet every other Wednesday to discuss the ideas from our class boxes and events we are running. Then each class representative feeds information back to their classes. We are very fortunate to work with a great group of children this year and we know we are going to achieve a lot for our school.’


What do we aim to do this year:

  1. To give the pupils at St. Mary and Michael’s a ‘voice’ where any suggestions and concerns are listened to.
  2. To encourage collaboration between pupils of different ages.
  3. To allow pupils to experience a democracy first hand and learn the importance of being active citizens.


To kick off PSHE at St. Mary and Michael’s this academic year, the school councillors were elected and met to discuss our aims for this year.


We collected ideas in preparation for Anti-Bullying Week (Monday 13th November to Friday 17th November), which started with a whole school display. Each class wrote kind words in a speech bubble, which went along with this year’s theme: Make a Noise about Bullying. We hosted a whole school poster competition around the theme of Anti-Bullying, which was judged by the school Councillors. On Monday of anti-bullying week, we celebrated Odd Socks day as a means of exploring how each child is unique. The school councillors delivered Acts of Appreciation around the school to children and members of staff, to celebrate how much we appreciate the kind things each other do.







On Friday 17th of November, we celebrated Children in Need by having a pyjama day. As a whole school, we learnt about why Children in Need is important and raised money to support this cause.